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Modeling Training 

Launch Your Modeling Career here
The Best Online & offline Professional Modeling Class
How to Get started in modeling

  • Basic Training  30 Days
    The foundation. Develop fundamental skills.

  • Advanced Training 60 Days
    Elevate your expertise.

  • Professional Training 90 Days
    The pinnacle. Prepare for a successful career.

What you'll learn

  1. Introduction to the modeling industry and its various niches (e.g., fashion, commercial, fitness)

  2. Understanding the role of a model and the expectations of clients

  3. Developing a strong and versatile portfolio

  4. Basic and advanced posing techniques for various types of shoots

  5. Runway walking and posing for fashion shows

  6. Skincare and makeup tips for photo and video shoots

  7. Understanding lighting and how it affects photography

  8. Tips for networking and finding modeling opportunities

  9. Basic business skills, including contract negotiation and invoicing

  10. Building self-confidence and managing rejection.

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion

  • Basic Portfolio

  • Different types of Posing Training

  • Runway Training

  •  Inspirational Student Photos book with 52 weeks of Weekly Challenges

  • Grooming Notes in PDF

  • 20 Hours of Practial training

  • 10 Hours of camera Fasing Training

  •  Get instant access to a 276-page guidebook

  • Get access to our exclusive member student community

  • Collaboration with Models, Photographers & Brands

  • Exposer in Modeling Industry

  • Audation update & Placement Assisatance

  • Professional Portfolio

  • Professional 4 Photoshoot 

  • Profile Building

Image by hanen souhail

Basic Training  

This course includes:

  • 30 Days Training 

  • 30 hours on-demand 

  • The foundation. Develop fundamental skills.

  • Grooming & make up

  • 2 types of walk training 

  • 3 types In modeling 

  • Portfolio

  • Placement assistance

  • Certificate of completion

Course Fee ₹ 7,499 /- 

Image by Dom Hill

Advanced Training


This course includes:

  • 60 Days Training 

  • 60 hours on-demand 

  • Elevate your expertise.

  • Industry standard Grooming 

  • Professional Makeup training 

  • Posing & facial expression 

  • workout & diet Plan

  • 3 types of walk training 

  • 5 types In modeling 

  • Professional Portfolio

  • 1 year Model management contract 


Course Fees  ₹ 27,699 /-

Reflected Mirror

Professional Training


This course includes:

  • 90 Days Training 

  • 90 hours on-demand 

  • The pinnacle. Prepare for a successful career

  • Industry standard Grooming 

  • Professional Makeup training 

  • Posing & facial expression 

  • workout & diet Plan

  • 5 types of walk training 

  • 10 types In modeling 

  • Contract Handling 

  • Preparing for Shoots

  • 2 Professional Portfolio

  • 2 year Model management contract

Course Fees ₹  56,499/-

Fashion Show

What Students Say

The modeling training program at Belleza Institute was amazing! The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about their work, which made the classes engaging and enjoyable. The facilities were top-notch, and the practical training sessions helped me gain confidence and polish my skills. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to start a career in modeling or improve their personal growth.

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