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How to Compete in a Modeling Competition

Modeling competitions are exciting ways to strut your stuff and make your way into the fashion industry. Many modeling competitions lead to contracts with premier agencies that will take you all over the world! Before applying to a modeling competition, it’s best to prepare as much as you can. With some walking practice and a fresh haircut, you’ll be rocking the runway in no time!

Part 1 Walking on the Runway for Women

1. Research the runway details of your competition. Most competitions will have the standard rectangular runway shape. However, some shows and competitions like to get creative with the runway. If possible, find out what this shape will be in advance so you can prepare a few different poses. When in doubt, prepare a few different poses just in case.

  • Some runway competitions have a shoe height requirement. Make sure you know about this in advance and bring the proper shoes.

  • Do an internet search to find videos of past competitions to get an idea of what you’ll be doing.

2.Work on your posture if you walk with a slouch you will make yourself look heavier than you are. Plus, walking with good posture shows off your figure and can make you look weightless as you move. First, straighten your back and your neck. Pull your shoulders back, tuck your stomach in, and lift your chin slightly.

  • If you’re having trouble keeping good posture, you may need to see a chiropractor.

  • Bear your weight primarily on the balls of your feet if you’re walking in heels.

3. Perfect your catwalk. Take a step, crossing your leg over your body slightly and keeping your foot pointing forward. Take another step and roll your hips slightly to help you move forward. Balance your weight on your hips by leaning your torso back slightly. Find a flirty rhythm while you walk. If it feels natural, lightly swing your arms and shoulders.

  • Relax your face and resist the urge to grin or sing along to the music. A small smile is acceptable.

  • Don’t look down as you walk. Keep your chin up and your gaze forward.

4. Pose at the end of the catwalk. There are many great poses to choose from. However, the most common pose involves standing with your leg out and your opposite hand on your hip. When you reach your last step down the runway, step forward with one foot and then extend the opposite foot to the side. Place your hand on your hip and push your hips forward.

  • Lean on your back foot when posing. This makes your body look more balanced.

  • Watch videos of popular runway models to find alternate pose options

5. Turn and walk back to the starting point. After posing, turn by pivoting on the balls of your feet. Keep your face towards the end of the runway as you turn until you’ve turned around completely. Step forward again with your lead foot and return to your starting position. Depending on the desires of the show director, you may need to pose again. Turn by pivoting on one of your feet and strike a pose. Pivot again and leave the stage.

  • When you reach the end of the runway you may have the opportunity to do more than one pose. If so, keep pivoting and shifting your weight back and forth to maintain your rhythm.

  • If you have a long train, walk in a semicircle around the end of the runway instead of pivoting to show off the garment.

6. Practice walking in heels. Put full length mirror at the end of a hallway and walk back and forth. As you walk, ask yourself if you look graceful and confident. Experiment with alternate poses and walking rhythms. Walk until you can confidently walk forward without looking down or tripping.

  • Watch videos of popular runway models walking. Take note of how they position their bodies and show a walking rhythm.

  • Ask a friend to watch you walk and give you feedback.

Part 2 Looking Your Best for Women

1. Practice good grooming habits. Wash your body and hair thoroughly before the competition. Make sure any unwanted hair is plucked, shaved, or waxed away. Pluck or wax your eyebrows to highlight the arch. If your skin looks ashy or dry, exfoliate yourself with a loofa or exfoliating scrub while you shower. Lastly, get a trim if your hair has visibly damaged ends.

  • Most models have long hair. However, there are many successful models with pixie cuts. Wear what makes you confident!

  • Moisturize your skin with an unscented moisturizer to help you glow

2. Wear minimal makeup. Unless your competition says otherwise, try to only wear the essentials. You want to show off your natural beauty. Apply some concealer and powder to even out your skin tone and highlight the apples of your cheeks with a natural-looking blush. If your eyebrows are too light, darken them a little bit with eyebrow makeup and shape them with wax or hairspray. Last, apply some mascara. If you have naturally dark hair, use black mascara. Otherwise, use brown mascara.

  • Don’t wear colorful nail polish. Instead, clean your nails and apply a coat of clear nail polish.

  • Pull your hair back from your face in a tight ponytail to show off your features.

3. Find out what to wear. Each competition has different requirements. If you are allowed to choose your own outfit, pick something that is flatterinv for your body type and makes you feel confident. However, many competitions have strict clothing requirements. For example, the Charleston Fashion Week competition requires that models wear black tank tops with black leggings and three inch heels.

  • If you’re having trouble choosing something to wear, see if you can find any pictures or videos of past winners to get ideas.

  • When in doubt, don’t wear jewelry.

Part3 Walking on the Runway for Men

1. Improve your posture. Walking with a slouch won’t flatter your figure at all. Straighten your back and square your shoulders, pushing out your chest slightly. Keep your chin up and look forward. Bend your knees slightly as you walk.

  • Use good posture even when you aren’t walking on the catwalk. Practice makes perfect!

  • If you have trouble maintaining good posture, visit a chiropractor.

2. Work on your walk. Take a step, keeping your hips stationary and your feet pointed forward. Instead of swaying your hips while you walk, move your shoulders. Keep your back and hips straight and swing your arms slightly. IF there’s music playing, try to walk in time to the music.

  • Watch videos of successful male models on the catwalk for tips and inspiration.

  • Look forward as you walk, not down.

3. Pose at the end of the catwalk. Make sure you stop for three to five seconds. There are a lot of great poses to choose from. However, the most common pose for men is the “c” pose. Place your left hand on your hip and arch your back away from your hand. Point your right toe out towards the audience and turn your face to the right.

  • Watch videos of popular male models on the runway to find new positions.

  • Balance your weight on your back foot when you pose

4. Turn and walk back to the entry point. Pivot on the balls of your feet and walk back to the beginning of the runway. Keep your face forward as you turn. When you reach the end of the runway, you may have the opportunity to pose again. Pose for three to five seconds then exit the runway.

  • Your face should be the last part of you to turn away from the audience

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