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Pageant Training 

Launch Your Pageant Career here
The Best Online & offline Professional Pageant Class: How to Get started in beauty pageant.

Fashion Show

20 Session Training 
Starting at ₹24,799 /
Batch Starting From - Every Month
Batches available on- Wednesday to Sun
Training Available in English, Hindi, Marathi

What you'll learn

  1. Master the fundamentals: Learn the basics of exposure, camera types, and lenses to gain a strong foundation in photography.

  2. Compose like a pro: Explore composition techniques such as the rule of thirds, framing, and creative angles to create visually captivating images.

  3. Fashion photography expertise: Understand the world of fashion photography, from planning and directing models to harnessing natural light for striking shots.

  4. Product photography prowess: Dive into product photography and gain proficiency in setting up a professional studio, mastering lighting techniques, and capturing products flawlessly.

  5. Capture unforgettable moments: Acquire essential skills for wedding photography, including essential shot lists and techniques for handling challenging lighting conditions.

  6. Excel in commercial photography: Learn to meet client requirements and use creative props to excel in the commercial photography industry.

  7. Perfect your portrait photography: Master lighting and posing techniques to create stunning and emotive portrait shots.

  8. Post-processing prowess: Harness the power of Adobe Photoshop to retouch portraits and products, create composites, and apply creative filters and effects.

  9. Enhance images with Lightroom: Understand Lightroom's interface, catalog system, and use it for basic and advanced editing of landscape, fashion, and commercial photos.

  10. Craft a captivating portfolio: Refine your best work, receive feedback, and present a professionally curated portfolio that showcases your photography talents.

This course includes:

  • Personalized Assessment

  • Interview Excellence

  • Talent Refinement

  • Poise and Elegance

  •  Fitness Guidance

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • 90 Hours of camera Training

  •  Get instant access to a 276-page guidebook

  • Get access to our exclusive member student community

  • Public Speaking Mastery

  • On-Stage Questioning

  • Confidence Building

  • Mock Pageant Simulation

  • Performance Visualization

Fashion Show

This Course Description

Week 1: Personal Assessment and Interview Preparation

Day 1: Personal Assessment and Goal Setting

  • Morning: Self-assessment of strengths and areas for improvement

  • Afternoon: Set specific goals for the pageant segments

Day 2: Interview Skills Development

  • Morning: Research common pageant interview questions

  • Afternoon: Practice answering questions confidently and authentically

Day 3: Talent Rehearsal

  • Morning: Refine talent performance and timing

  • Afternoon: Practice on-stage presence during the talent segment

Week 2: Poise, Fitness, and Styling

Day 4: Poise and Walk Training

  • Morning: Poise exercises and posture practice

  • Afternoon: Walking practice for different pageant segments

Day 5: Fitness and Nutrition

  • Morning: Design a personalized fitness routine

  • Afternoon: Discuss healthy eating habits and nutrition tips

Day 6: Wardrobe Selection

  • Morning: Review wardrobe options for different segments

  • Afternoon: Choose attire and accessories that suit the contestant's style

Day 7: Mock Pageant Day

  • Morning: Run through a mock pageant to practice transitions

  • Afternoon: Receive feedback on overall performance

Week 3: Communication Skills and On-Stage Presence

Day 8: Public Speaking Practice

  • Morning: Public speaking exercises and tips

  • Afternoon: Practice delivering answers to interview questions

Day 9: Mock Interview

  • Morning: Participate in a mock interview session

  • Afternoon: Receive feedback on interview skills

Day 10: On-Stage Question Training

  • Morning: Discuss strategies for answering on-stage questions

  • Afternoon: Practice impromptu responses to different types of questions

Day 11: Final Wardrobe Fittings

  • Morning: Ensure all wardrobe choices fit perfectly

  • Afternoon: Rehearse walking and posing in each outfit

Week 4: Final Touches and Confidence Boosting

Day 12: Confidence Building

  • Morning: Engage in confidence-boosting exercises

  • Afternoon: Visualize successful moments on the stage

Day 13: Final Talent Rehearsal

  • Morning: Refine talent performance with added confidence

  • Afternoon: Focus on making a strong impact on stage

Day 14: Hair and Makeup Trial

  • Morning: Test different hair and makeup looks

  • Afternoon: Choose the final look that complements the contestant's style

Day 15: Dress Rehearsal

  • Morning: Run through the entire pageant sequence

  • Afternoon: Fine-tune transitions, poise, and presentation

Day 16-20: Pageant Preparation Week

Day 16-19: Pre-Pageant Prep

  • Morning: Review all segments and practice poise and walk

  • Afternoon: Refine interview responses and on-stage presence

Day 20: Pageant Day

  • Morning: Relax, visualize success, and practice deep breathing

  • Afternoon/Evening: Participate in the actual pageant, showcasing all skills

What Students Say

The modeling training program at Belleza Institute was amazing! The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about their work, which made the classes engaging and enjoyable. The facilities were top-notch, and the practical training sessions helped me gain confidence and polish my skills. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to start a career in modeling or improve their personal growth.

Fashion Show

Pageant Training

"Transform into a confident and poised beauty queen with our premier pageant training."

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