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Intermediate Modeling Training 

Launch Your Modeling Career here
The Best Online & offline Professional Modeling Class: How to Get started in modeling taking pho


40 days training 
Starting at ₹34,499 / for full sessions
8 models per batch 
batches available on- Wednesday to Friday  & Sat & Sun
Training Available in English Hindi Marathi

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What you'll learn

  1. Introduction to the modeling industry and its various niches (e.g., fashion, commercial, fitness)

  2. Understanding the role of a model and the expectations of clients

  3. Developing a strong and versatile portfolio

  4. Basic and advanced posing techniques for various types of shoots

  5. Runway walking and posing for fashion shows

  6. Skincare and makeup tips for photo and video shoots

  7. Understanding lighting and how it affects photography

  8. Tips for networking and finding modeling opportunities

  9. Basic business skills, including contract negotiation and invoicing

  10. Building self-confidence and managing rejection.

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion

  • Basic Portfolio

  • Different types of Posing Training

  • Runway Training

  •  Inspirational Student Photos book with 52 weeks of Weekly Challenges

  • Grooming Notes in PDF

  • 20 Hours of Practial training

  • 10 Hours of camera Fasing Training

  •  Get instant access to a 276-page guidebook

  • Get access to our exclusive member student community

  • Collaboration with Models, Photographers & Brands

  • Exposer in Modeling Industry

  • Audation update & Placement Assisatance

  • Professional Portfolio

  • Professional 4 Photoshoot 

  • Profile Building

Fashion Show

This Course Description

Week 1: Introduction to Modeling and Basics of Posing

  • Understanding the fundamentals of modelling

  • Learning modelling etiquette

  • Practising basic poses for different genres of modelling

Week 2: Grooming, Skincare, and Haircare for Models

  • Understanding the importance of grooming models

  • Learning skincare techniques for a clear complexion

  • Haircare tips for maintaining healthy hair

Week 3: Makeup and Wardrobe Essentials for Models

  • Learning makeup techniques for different looks and genres of modelling

  • Understanding wardrobe essentials for models

Week 4: Styling Techniques for Different Modeling Genres

  • Learning styling techniques for various modelling genres

  • Understanding the importance of versatility as a model

Week 5: Fitness and Diet for Models

  • Understanding the importance of fitness and diet for models

  • Learning strength training and cardio workouts for models

  • Practising yoga and stretching for flexibility

Week 6: Makeover and Transformation Techniques

  • Understanding the importance of makeovers and transformations in the modelling industry

  • Learning makeover techniques and tips

Week 7: Studio Practice and Promotional Modeling Techniques

  • Practising studio poses with different lighting setups

  • Learning promotional modelling techniques for events and tradeshows

Week 8: Swimsuit and Lingerie Modeling, Part Modeling, and Runway Techniques

  • Understanding the methods for swimsuit and lingerie modelling

  • Learning how to model parts of the body, such as hands and feet

  • Practising runway techniques for different types of shows

Week 9: Fashion Modeling and Interactive Sessions with Experienced Models

  • Understanding the methods for fashion modelling, including editorial and commercial modelling

  • Interacting with experienced models and learning from their experiences

Week 10: Backstage Training, Portfolio Shoot, and Review

  • Learning backstage training techniques for shows and shoots

  • Practising portfolio shoots with a professional photographer

  • Reviewing portfolio shots and receiving feedback

Week 11: Modeling Industry Overview and Business Management

  • Understanding the modelling industry and how it operates

  • Learning about business management for models, including contracts and negotiations

Week 12: Marketing, Financial Management, and Self-Promotion Techniques for Models

  • Understanding marketing and branding for models

  • Learning financial management techniques for modelling careers

  • Practising self-promotion and networking techniques

Week 13: On-Location Shoot and Beauty and Fashion Photography Techniques

  • Learning on-location shoot techniques

  • Understanding beauty and fashion photography techniques for models

Week 14: Advanced Runway and Fashion Modeling Techniques and Introduction to Acting

  • Practising advanced runway and fashion modelling techniques

  • Understanding the basics of acting for models

Week 15: Acting Techniques for Commercials and TV

  • Understanding acting techniques for commercials and TV

  • Practising audition techniques and script analysis

Week 16: Acting for Film and Theatre, Showreel Creation, and Final Practice Runway Walk

  • Understanding acting techniques for film and theatre

  • Creating a showreel and promoting oneself as an actor-model

  • Practising final runway walk and modelling techniques

Week 17: Final Review of Portfolio and Modeling Performance, and Certification Exam Preparation

  • Reviewing portfolio and modelling performance with feedback

  • Preparing for the certification exam

Week 18: Certification Exam and Certificate Presentation Ceremony and Graduation Celebration

  • Taking the certification exam

  • Receiving the certificate in a presentation ceremony and celebrating graduation

Fashion Show

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