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Intermediate Modeling Training 

Launch Your Modeling Career here
The Best Online & offline Professional Modeling Class: How to Get started in modeling taking pho


40 days training 
Starting at ₹34,499 / for full sessions
8 models per batch 
batches available on- Wednesday to Friday  & Sat & Sun
Training Available in English Hindi Marathi

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What you'll learn

  1. Introduction to the modeling industry and its various niches (e.g., fashion, commercial, fitness)

  2. Understanding the role of a model and the expectations of clients

  3. Developing a strong and versatile portfolio

  4. Basic and advanced posing techniques for various types of shoots

  5. Runway walking and posing for fashion shows

  6. Skincare and makeup tips for photo and video shoots

  7. Understanding lighting and how it affects photography

  8. Tips for networking and finding modeling opportunities

  9. Basic business skills, including contract negotiation and invoicing

  10. Building self-confidence and managing rejection.

This course includes:

  • Certificate of completion

  • Basic Portfolio

  • Different types of Posing Training

  • Runway Training

  •  Inspirational Student Photos book with 52 weeks of Weekly Challenges

  • Grooming Notes in PDF

  • 20 Hours of Practial training

  • 10 Hours of camera Fasing Training

  •  Get instant access to a 276-page guidebook

  • Get access to our exclusive member student community

  • Collaboration with Models, Photographers & Brands

  • Exposer in Modeling Industry

  • Audation update & Placement Assisatance

  • Professional Portfolio

  • Professional 4 Photoshoot 

  • Profile Building

Fashion Show

This Course Description

Week 1-2: Grooming and Personality Development

  • Introduction to the modelling industry and requirements for models

  • Skin and hair care routines for models

  • Wardrobe management and fashion trends

  • Etiquette and social skills training

  • Confidence-building exercises and public speaking practice

  • Time management and organizational skills development

Week 3-4: Makeup Training and Dressing and Styling

  • Makeup application techniques for different skin types and occasions

  • Understanding makeup products and tools

  • Dressing and styling techniques for different body types and occasions

  • Accessorizing and wardrobe coordination

  • Creating a model's look and understanding fashion styles

Week 5-6: Workout and Diet

  • Understanding the importance of fitness and nutrition for models

  • Developing a workout routine for different body types and fitness goals

  • Creating a healthy diet plan for models

  • Managing weight and body composition

Week 7-8: Types of Posing and Walks

  • Understanding different types of poses and their use in modelling

  • Practising basic poses for photoshoots

  • Learning different types of walks such as runway walks and informal walk

  • Practising the right posture and body alignment for modelling

Week 9-10: Body Language and Makeover

  • Understanding the impact of body language on modelling

  • Learning to read and interpret body language cues

  • Exploring different types of makeovers and their use in modelling

  • Creating a model's signature look

Week 11-12: Image Consulting and Studio Practice

  • Understanding the role of image consulting in the modelling industry

  • Creating a professional image as a model

  • Studio practice sessions for photography and posing

  • Learning to work with lighting and camera angles

Week 13-14: Camera Facing and Improvisations

  • Learning to face the camera with confidence and ease

  • Practising improvisation techniques for photoshoots and fashion shows

  • Understanding the importance of facial expressions and body language in modelling

Week 15-16: Shoot Practice and Promotional Modeling

  • Practising different types of photoshoots such as editorial, glamour, and commercial

  • Learning about promotional modelling and its requirements

  • Creating a model's portfolio and Polaroids

Week 17-18: Swimsuit and Lingerie Modeling and Parts Modeling

  • Understanding the criteria for swimsuit and lingerie modelling

  • Learning to pose and work with different types of swimsuits and lingerie

  • Understanding the needs for parts modelling such as hand and foot modelling

  • Practising poses and techniques for parts modelling

Week 19-20: Runway Modeling and Fashion (Editorial) Modeling

  • Understanding the requirements for runway modelling

  • Learning to walk confidently on the runway

  • Understanding the Criteria for fashion editorial modelling

  • Learning to pose and work with different types of clothing and accessories for editorial shoots

Week 21-22: Commercial Modeling and Fitness Modeling

  • Understanding the requirements for commercial modelling

  • Learning to pose and work with different types of products and services for commercial shoots

  • Understanding the criteria for fitness modelling

  • Developing a workout routine and diet plan for fitness modelling

Week 23-24: Interactive Sessions with Models and Shoot Assignments

  • Interactive sessions with professional models and photographers

  • Learning from their experiences and insights

  • Practising different types of shoots and assignments

  • Receiving feedback and guidance on modelling techniques and skills

Week 25-26: Events Experience and Backstage Training

  • Understanding the requirements for modelling at events and fashion shows

  • Learning to work with event organizers, designers, and other models

  • Understanding the backstage environment and its requirements

  • Practising backstage routines and techniques

Week 27-28: Contract Handling and Preparing for Shoots

  • Understanding the importance of contracts in the modelling industry

  • Learning to read and negotiate contracts

  • Understanding the legal aspects of modelling contracts

  • Preparing for shoots by understanding the requirements and communicating with the photographer or designer

Week 29-30: Models Polaroid and Portfolio Training

  • Understanding the importance of a model's portfolio

  • Learning to create a portfolio that showcases the model's strengths and versatility

  • Practising portfolio shoots and building a cohesive portfolio

  • Understanding the importance of polaroids and how to create them

Week 31-32: Certification and Placement Assistance

  • Preparing for certification exams for modelling agencies or schools

  • Receiving feedback and guidance on modelling techniques and skills

  • Understanding the placement process and how to approach modelling agencies

  • Receiving assistance and guidance in finding modelling opportunities

Fashion Show

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